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Call for Artists – History of Architecture 2D & 3D Exhibit



The Sendalonde Community Library is pleased to announce their next Art and Book exhibit:

History of Architecture

Opening March 5th, 2017

History of Architecture artworks will be on display beginning March 5  for approximately six months. This show will be great exposure for artists.

The Opening Party will be Sunday, March 5, 12 noon – 2:00pm IWT

The theme is Architecture – we would like 2D or 3D creations depicting the History of Architecture from the dawn of time until the present.

We have an indoor exhibition hall for inworld photos, paintings, drawings and other flatwork. Two pieces from each artist may be entered. We have reserved room for 16 pieces.

There are 20 outdoor spaces for sculpture and 2 underwater spaces.
There will be TP boards at the exhibits to link them all together.


1. Artwork should be on the theme of History of Architecture. Make something from the history of architecture from the dawn of time to the present.

2. Sculptures can be 10Lx10W meters and must not exceed 30 meters high. Flatwork can be 5Lx5W or less.

3. Art should be 300 prims/LI or less.

4. Some particles are acceptable but at the discretion of the Exhibition Board. Pieces will be examined for excess particle usage – this is for the benefit of everyone.

5. Please avoid excessive scripting and use low lag scripts where possible.  We will be happy to consult with you.  

Artworks MUST be in place by Monday, March 3, 2017 –  no later please!

To apply, please fill in the fields below and your name in the notecard title and send a note to Amvans Lapiz inworld. You will get a return confirmation and be invited to the rezzing group.

If you are not already in the Library News Exhibit Builder group, you will be sent a group invite for it.

Application Deadline: February 25 – 6:00pm IWT




———— End of Application

All your creations must be original – you may use full perm mesh and or sculpties – if you have any questions – please contact – Amvans Lapiz.
We are looking forward to seeing all your wonderful Architecture-inspired creations!
Amvans Lapiz,  Library Director
Alexina Proctor, Founder
Prax Maryjasz, Founder
Moontan Valeeva, Senior Board Member
Calliope Andel, Board Member
Mike Chase, Board Member