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Robin Hood presented in InWorldz October 4th


[October 2, update] POSTPONED due to two cast members recovering from the flu and the upcoming potentially severe storms on the East Coast from Hurricane JOAQUIN which may knock out access to the Internet for both cast and audience. A new date for the performance will be announced as soon as everyone is well.

The Sendalonde Community Library Board of Directors is pleased to announce that The Sendalonde Players will present Robin Hood and the King’s Bling in the Sendalonde Theatre.

Date:  Sunday, 4 October 2015, 2:00pm IWT/PDT
Location:  Sendalonde Theatre on Delphi in InWorldz

robin hood and the king's bling poster

Poster Robin Hood & The King’s Bling performance


Angelique – Mathilde Vhargon
Guard – Kat Ewry
King John – Lion Ewry
Little John – Rathmeous Dagger
Marion – Rosslyn Guardian
Messenger – Beck Howard
Narrator – Ladyheart Muirin
Old Lady – Rhiannon McKenna
Robin Hood – Gerrard Winstanley
Seer – Rosslyn Guardian
Sheriff of Nottingham – Tadhg Muirin
Urchin – Ladyheart Muirin
Villager – Rhiannon McKenna

Ladyheart Muirin (Director) writes:

The amazingly talented Sendalonde Players will be performing the live-voice comedy play ROBIN HOOD & THE KING’S BLING at 2pm IWT/PDT. Their past productions have been absolutely brilliant, and audiences really loved them, so don’t miss out on seeing this funny play set in merry England in 1205 when Robin didn’t always want to give to the poor, and cunning villagers retaliate!

This play ties in with the current International Folklore / Myth Exhibit hosted by the library. Stroll across to the Sendalonde Library on Sendalonde or to Calliope to see the exhibit created by 14 InWorldz artists.