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Folklore Exhibit Opening Party – September 19th in InWorldz


You are invited to join our Folklore Art Exhibition and Library Warming Party in InWorldz on September 19, 2015 11:30am-2pm IWT/PDT 

Location:  [Calliope Exhibiton area]


11:30am to noon IWT/PDT  

Storytelling live in voice by Seanchai Library storytellers Shandon Loring and Caledonia Skytower. They will meet near the above landing point on Calliope. Future storytelling is in their new and very lovely location on Delphi.

12 noon to 2:00pm IWT/PDT  

 Dance to tunes selected by DJ G-Winz  (Twitter: )
The location is near the storytelling area or use this direct TP:

The Sendalonde Library Folklore Exhibition Opening and library Warming Party celebrates the art installations by InWorldz artists that compliments our new folklore and myth book and resources collection. Flatwork art and books for the folklore exhibit are in the exhibit hall in the Sendalonde Library. 3D art creations are on Calliope, just across the bridge from Sendalonde.

poster for folklore exhibit

Poster – Folklore Exhibit & Sendalonde Library Warming Party September 19th

The artists as of September 6th:

Belavar Planiie
Cassie Eldemar
Cataplexia Numbers
Ferrator Montoya
Ilianor Illios
Julia Hathor
Kasha Selona
MIra Karu
Miso Susanowa
Modee Parlez
Quadrapop Tree
Sammi Lee
Shandon Loring
Teddy Bowties

Please take time to also visit the new location of the Sendalonde Theatre on Delphi, where a play based on Robin Hood will be performed by the Sendalonde Players in October. A poster will go out when the date is set.

We are celebrating our expansion to a 2×2 in the Magellan area and greater access to the I’z Straits and the I’z Ocean. The Sendalonde Library supports boating by providing a small boat rez area on the NE corner of Delphi. 

You can find out more information about Seanchai Library at Seanchai Library blog