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X-Minus 1 at Seanchai Library in InWorldz June 27th

[Press Release: Seanchai Library] Shandon Loring and Caledonia Skytower share two adventures from the classic X-Minus 1 radio series.
Date: Saturday, June 27, 2015, 12 noon PDT/IWT, live in voice
Location: Seanchai Library at Sendalonde on InWorldz
Stories: HOW – 2 – A man orders a robotic dog kit in the mail, and instead receives an android, one ready to serve in every capacity and equally ready to reproduce himself a thousand-fold. All his problems vanish – until the government sticks their bean-counting nose into it. Story by Clifford Simak. (Genre: Robots/ Humour) MARIONETTES, INC. – A husband looking to get away from his wife for a vacation purchases a robot duplicate of himself to take his place. Bad idea….. Story by Ray Bradbury. (Genre: Robots)
X-Minus 1 Poster - Seanchai Library at InWorldz

X-Minus 1 Poster – Seanchai Library at InWorldz 

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