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Sendalonde Community Library moves to Magellan Sea in InWorldz

image of front of Sendalonde Library

Sendalonde Community Library Front View

Alexina Proctor and Prax Maryjasz are delighted to announce that the Community Library on Sendalonde in InWorldz has moved to the Magellan Sea community. We invite everyone to visit us. The next big event at the library is the Peek A Boo dancers on February 21st, 2:00-3:00pm IWT that will be held in the Sendalonde Theatre. The library remains a family-friendly environment.

The mission of the Community Library is to be a “community” resource. We have a library board of directors and consultants for specialty areas who help maintain and grow the library. We periodically have a call for participants in new exhibits. Our current exhibit is “Book Arts” and due to the move will be in the exhibit hall through the end of March.

This is a very good move. Though there were no locations with a west facing access, nor availability directly on the I’z Straits or I’z Ocean, Taika Wirsing located a position with a southern facing scenic that is within two regions of both the I’z Straits and I’z Ocean.

The Community Library was designed and built by the master virtual world builder Strand Starsider.

Sendalonde Theatre at Community Library

Sendalonde Theatre at Community Library

The Sendalonde Theatre to the right rear of the library was suggested by Snoots Dwagon of Elf Clan. He and Strand built the theatre. Ladyheart Muirin, our director and producer, tweaked the interior to give it an elegant ambiance. She is responsible for productions and bookings in the Sendalonde Theatre.

The library is many things, not just a storehouse of books, though we have those, but also a place to meet [meeting areas can be reserved at no fee].

We have beautiful grounds landscaped by master landscaper Moontan Valeeva. There is a lovely cafe created by Leanna Caerndow and Moontan Valeeva that can be used for meetings, storytelling, or just a quiet place to meditate.

We have a treehouse that was designed by Tiana Genesis, which has both a storytelling area on one level and a dance area on a higher level. There is a walled seasonal garden that is currently setup with a winter scene.  We also have resource boards with posters about places to visit, important groups to join, and major events in InWorldz.

Please stop by and see what else we have to offer.

To get to the library by boat or swim in as a mermaid or merman, come in via the southern side that abuts the scenic water region Kitsilano.  There are a few places to temporarily dock small boats.

View Southside of Community Library on Sendalonde from Kitsilano

View Southside of Community Library on Sendalonde from Kitsilano

image of Sendalonde Library lobby

Sendalonde Library lobby


Storytelling Rotunda at Community Library









Library Cafe at Sendalonde Community Library

image of SciFi floor of library

SciFi landing with Web terminals, flip-page book of past SciFi Exhibit









According to the Magellan Sea charter, “The purpose of the Magellan Sea Colony (the Colony) is to allow estates owned by like minded persons to physically join together on the grid for the purpose of sharing waters and the air space above the water.”

image of map of Magellan Sea area with Sendalonde region marked

Map of portion of Magellan Sea area with location of Sendalonde