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A Winter Showtime by The Sendalonde Players in InWorldz


Winter Showtime will be held at the Sendalonde Theatre on Saturday, December 13th, 1:00pm-5:00pm InWorldz Time/PST (California time)

The Sendalonde Players will be performing a Variety Show. The program will include stories, harp solo, comedy skits, dance and will end with dancing for everyone.

The Sendalonde Players will be performing a Variety Show. The program will include stories, harp solo, comedy skits, dance and will end with dancing for everyone.

Guest Singer Khiron Ametza will also open the Show at 1:00pm IWT, and Gerrard Winstanley will close the show with everyone invited to dance starting at 4:00pm IWT/PST.

Schedule of Events for Winter Showtime Saturday, 13 December 2014

1:00 – 1:30pm – Khiron Ametza (Guest Singer)
1:30 – 2:00pm – Mathilde Vhargon (Storytelling)
2:00 – 2:10pm – Tadling Muirin (alt) & Lion Ewry (Skit)
2:15 – 2:45pm – Ilianor Illios (Harp)
2:45 – 2:55pm – Ladyheart Muirin (Skit)
3:00 – 3:30pm – Rosslyn Guardian (Storytelling)
3:40 – 4:00pm – Rhia McKenna (Dance)
4:00 – 5:00pm – Gerrard Winstanley (DJ Winter Songs)

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It is with great delight that co-founders / owners of the Community Library and Sendalonde Theatre announce this fun event. We thank Producer Ladyheart Murin for her continued commitment to live theater and variety in productions. This is a very special show.

Who are the Performers?

Performers are listed in order of performance. The following snippets were submitted by the performers and slightly modified or shortened by Alexina. I apologize if I have made incorrect modifications, have missed typos or a mix up of British and American spelling. For those unfamiliar with RL and VL,  RL means real life (non-virtual world) and VL means virtual life.

snapshot Khiron Amazeta

Khiron Amazeta

Khiron Ametza

Khiron Ametza been singing in virtual worlds since 2009, after all, this was just a complement to this artist, who has dedicated herself to music from a young age for more than 20 years in RL.

If you’ve never heard her sing, you are losing a great time, because her sexy voice and style has the power to make people fall in love. She has a wide vocal range, reaching from bass to high notes, thus enabling her to do duets with herself in many songs. Her outstanding shows have been bringing people from all over to listen to rhythms such as Jazz, Bossa Nova, Romantic 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Progressive Rock, Discotheque, some Country, Rock ‘n Roll, tributes like Beatles, Carpenters, Pink Floyd, and others.

In RL, she started working as crooner at celebrations, festivals and balls. She was also backing vocal to some famous artists in her country, and was living and performing in Japan at the end of 1990’s. For information about where to see her besides Sendalonde Theatre, take a look on her calendar link

snapshot Mathilde Vhargon

Mathilda Vhargon

Mathilde Vhargon

Mathilde Vhargon’s background is in classical music, playing piano, pipe organ, and most of all as a classical vocal soloist. She earned degrees in Theatre and Voice, and Vocal Performance, then taught classical singing and performance to university students and in her home studio.

After illness prevented her from working, Mathilde tried her hand at digital painting and making prim sculpture in SL. She owned a large art gallery there, and hosted many Guest Artist exhibits. Mathilde now makes her home in InWorldz, where she has two small galleries. Her large InWorldz Main Gallery and Guest Artist Annex will open in January.

Mathilde loves performing with the wonderful Sendalonde Players at Sendalonde Theatre. She recently gave her first storytelling event at Sendalonde Library, and looks forward to doing more storytelling.

snapshot of Tadling Muirin

Tadling Muirin

Tadling Muirin

My RL artistic background is as a writer of poetry, but for many years I was also involved in set design and construction for a theatrical group, so in VL I was excited to join the Sendalonde Players and began doing what I knew – some set design, animations and special effects.

It was often said that I should have been in front of the curtain instead of behind, and when the Players’ production of  The Colonel Takes A Bath was casting, I was offered the part of the young boy Arthur. That’s when I finally decided to get my acting feet wet.

Prior to joining the Players I was also a child model for advertising shots with Tots R Us children’s toys.

My next on-stage performance will be performing a comedy skit in the Winter Showtime production, and I am looking forward to a long and happy association with the group.


Lion Ewry

Lion Ewry

I started in SL in 2006. I had written software all my life and bought a book about Virtual Worlds just to see what it was about. I have been hooked ever since.

In virtual worlds I started creating landscaping and then about four years ago I started making and selling horses. I still sell horses, but now I am into social things more than building. I met my darling Kat in InWorldz and we now live together in Washington State.

In RL I played classical guitar for a gospel group for many years. I love to entertain and am so glad I found The Sendalonde Players. They are a fun group of people and very kind – after all they allow me to act in the plays with them. LOL.

snapshot Ilianor Illios

Ilianor Illios

Ilianor Illios

Ilianor Illios, from Turin in Northern Italy, learned music in the Conservatory of the Music in Turin with a degree in classical guitar, and studied ancient music with reconstructed instruments of the 16th century. She has played Baroque music for many years in an ensemble.

She teaches the language of music with an international license with Edgard Willem, pedagogist from Lione, to the babies in the nest school and primary schools.

In recent years Ilianor started playing Celtic harp and now plays with a quartet of harpists and with another ensamble with bag pipe, guitar flute, accordion and hurdy-gurdy, playing ancient music , medieval age, and traditional Celtic music with a repertoire from: Britonne France, Scotland, Ireland and traditional music from Italy of the north of her region. She loves to compose modern original ambient music.

As owner of the City of Light, she builds and sells fantasy castles, jewelry and musical instruments.

snapshot Ladyheart Muirin

Ladyheart Muirin

Ladyheart Muirin

My love affair with live theatre began when at the age of eleven. I joined the cast of a Youth Theatre Group, and I worked my way up through the ranks until 22 years later I was Chairman of the Board and running the Show.

During that time I gained experience in all aspects of theatre both front of house, on stage and back stage. At one time we had a cast of 100 (from 11 to 26 years old), and almost 200 back stage, so it was a demanding role but also very enjoyable. As a result, I now have grease paint running through my veins, and being on stage or producing shows is as automatic as breathing, so I was thrilled to be able to bring live theatre to InWorldz and especially to become Producer/Administrator of the Sendalonde Theatre. I try to vary the plays and shows that we present as much as possible, and I hope that everyone will continue to support us and enjoy this form of live entertainment.

snapshot of Rosslyn Guardian

Rosslyn Guardian

Rosslyn Guardian

Rosslyn Guardian began her virtual career in Second Life about six years ago. She made a name for herself via her artfully and detailed masks, and quickly moved on to furnishings, creating her store FALCONROSE. She also spent a lot of time storytelling for elves and men. She is a long time performer at RL Renaissance Faires, and is a harper in RL

In SL she owned the sim Imrath Tir, home to Wardencliff College of Magical Knowledge, where she gave lectures and taught classes in various Esoteric subjects. As the Old Word grew more difficult she found her way to InWorldz and happily set up shop and here found lovely friends.

This last year she has been featured in several Sendalonde productions. She is known for performing her own written stories which are often Celtic themed and always magical.

snapshot of Rhia McKenna

Rhia McKenna

Rhia McKenna

Rhiannon McKenna has been many things in her VL in InWorldz: model, animator, 60’s items store owner, dancer. artist, magazine editor, occasional builder. Currently, she is a dancer for Peek A Boo burlesque troupe; Art Beat manager/reporter for VirtuoCity Magazine; actress for the Sendalonde Players; Art director and committee member of the InWorldz events committee, and blues DJ at Brickhouse Blues, Backwoods Blues, Rockin the Blues, and Amarantha clubs.

Currently she is an owner of: a store, Role Play Supplies, The Pink Orchid Women’s Club, and Ocean Blues Sailing Club. She loves the arts, sailing, bikes, cats, reading, writing, dance, virtual worlds, and friendships.


snapshot of Gerrard Winstanly

Gerrard Winstanley

Gerrard Winstanley

Gerrard ‘G Winz’ Winstanley (he likes to be called just ‘G’) started virtual DJing to provide music for his own exhibition of vintage film posters housed in a replica of the art deco Rio Cinema in London’s east end.

He started to specialise in promoting recent releases from Europe’s small independent labels – electroswing, balkan beats, gypsy jazz, tribal trance, romani folkstep – all genres that excitingly combine traditional instruments and melodies with modern electronic sounds and production techniques.

His signature sets skillfully mix these innovative new bands with rare groove underground big beat party bangers from the past: afrofunk, jump blues, big band, soul, ska, reggae, sixties psychedelia and progressive rock.

G mainly plays special events – art & fashion shows, gypsy shindigs, RFL fund-raisers, rezday parties and partner celebrations. You won’t have heard most of his music before – but you’ll dance your socks off and you’ll want to hear more.