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Mathilde Vhargon – Storyteller 23 November in InWorldz


Mathilde Vhargon – As Storyteller
Date: Sunday, November 23rd, noon IWT
Location: Community Library, Storytelling Garden, Sendalonde (Elf Clan) – InWorldz grid

poster for storytelling 23 nov 2014

Storytelling Garden at Sendalonde Community Library in InWorldz

Mathilde’s first storytelling event in InWorldz will feature the beloved book of verses, Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. This text that became the basis for the hit musical, CATS. It’s just packed with wit, whimsy, high drama, satire, and pure fun! T.S. Eliot was a Nobel prize winning writer of serious poetry whose nickname among friends, was ‘Possum’. He possessed a great affection for cats.

About Mathilde

Mathilde Vhargon’s background is in classical music, playing piano, pipe organ, and most of all as a classical vocal soloist. She earned degrees in Theatre and Voice, and Vocal Performance, afterward teaching classical singing and performance techniques to university students and in her home studio.

After illness prevented her from working, she happily found that her education and background translated well to visual art. She has enjoyed digital painting and prim sculpture since 2009.

Mathilde writes that she “loves performing with the wonderful Sendalonde Players at Sendalonde Theatre in the Community Library.” Many theatre attendees have commented on the expressiveness of her voice.

Storytelling Garden

The Storytelling Garden was created by Moontan Valeeva and is on the left side of the Community Library.  Fleure Homewood donated lotus flower seating.

photo of storytelling garden

Storytelling Garden