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Update: Community Library on InWorldz October 2014

photo of miso susanowa

Miso Susanowa

Prax and  Alexina are delighted to announce that artist / musician Miso Susanowa has joined the Library Board of Directors. She has already added another 20+ books to the library collection.

Miso Susanowa came to digital space to be part of the great experiment in birthing the multiverse. Her work is often abstract, incorporating her own original music in her pieces, many of which are made to combine into various soundscapes. She uses fractals and digital “painting” techniques on her own photographs, and the influences of nature and music can be readily seen in her work with both prims and sound. Miso is a self-confessed bookworm and well-informed in female science fiction authors and women’s political literature.

Storyteller Caledonia Skytower Debuts in InWorldz at Library Cafe

Storyteller and author Caledonia Skytower told stories at the Library Cafe on October 4, 2014. Below are a few snapshots of the event. We will be inviting her back to tell us more stories.


Caledonia and some of the audience


Leanna Caerndow


Herndon Bluebird

Tour for Library School Graduate Students

On Wednesday, October 8th at 6:00pm IWT, Lorelei Junot, lecturer at SJSU iSchool, is bringing her class of graduate students in a Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program from Second Life to tour the Community Library on InWorldz. Library Board member Amvans Lapiz will lead the tour. Prax and Alexina will be available to answer questions.

Sendalonde Theatre — Upcoming Performance

Ladyheart Muirin reports that The Sendalonde Players will be performing the hilarious pirate comedy Captain Bluebird’s Monkey at the Sendalonde Theatre on November 15, 2014 at 3:00pm IWT. This play is filled with funny lines and crazy scenes and you will love Captain Bluebeard and his cheeky monkey as well as his Bosun and crew members Cutlass and Hook. Bluebeard even tries to educate these shipmates and that’s when they really cause havoc in the Academy. A poster and more details will be available in a few weeks.

Book Art Exhibition at Community Library

The Community Library is going to send out an announcement about a Book Art Exhibition that will replace the current exhibit in the Exhibit Hall. We expect to send out the announcement and request for applications by October 11th. We are currently working on the specifications for the exhibit, though we are tentatively talking about a 100 prim limit per artist. We have limited space, so it may be limited to 12 artists. We are planning the grand opening dance with DJ Astoria Luminos for Saturday, November 8th from noon to 2:00pm IWT. The exhibit will run through February 2015.

If you have not seen the Science Fiction Exhibit by Snoots Dwagon and Strand Starsider yet, do so soon. We will be clearing that out in a week or so.

Sci Fi Exhibit - Snoots & Strand @ Community Library

Sci Fi Exhibit – Snoots & Strand @ Community Library