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InWorldz Artists needed for Book Arts Exhibit


The Community Library on Sendalonde in InWorldz announces a call for entries for the Book Art Exhibit.

Poster for Call for Artists for Book Arts Exhibit

The Book Art Exhibition artworks will be on display from November 8, 2014 through February 2015. This will be good exposure for artists! There is room for 12-20 pieces, so claim your space quickly! The Grand Opening will be Saturday, November 8th, 12 noon – 2:00pm IWT with DJ Astoria Luminos.

Application Deadline: Saturday, November 1st
Artwork in place: Thursday, November 6, 2014 – no later!
LM to look at the display area:

Update: As of 29 October a few pieces are in place and includes three paintings by a single artist. If you have 2D with just a few prims, we may be able to find space for more than one.


  1. Artwork should be on the theme of Books. Make a beautiful book cover, sculpture, bookshelf with favorites, etc. Use your imagination!
  2. Sculptures must fit inside an 8×8 meters or 10×6 (3 available) meters area and can be no higher than 10 meters. There is additional space for small sculptures and painting/flatwork
  3. Art should be 150 prims or less.
  4. No particles, please!
  5. Try to hold down excessive or laggy scripting – use low-lag scripts.

Pick up an application at the library. To apply, please fill in the fields at the bottom of the application (your name, artwork title, number of prims) and send the completed notecard to Miso Susanowa. You will get a return confirmation and parcel number for your artwork and be invited to the rezzing group.

Alexina has some example artwork on her Pinterest board: