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Harpist Ilianor Illios live 16 August at Sendalonde Theatre on InWorldz


Update: 20 August 2014: The performance by Ilianor Illios on 16 August was very well attended by 31 people. There are snapshots at

Ilianor Illios will be appearing live at the Sendalonde Theatre today at  2:00pm PDT/IWT, Saturday, 16 August 2014. Ilianor is the most wonderful harpist and a very lovely lady whose repertoire includes ancient music, medieval age, and traditional Celtic music, as well as melodies from France, Scotland, Ireland and Italy. She also enjoys composing modern original ambient music, and occasionally sings. Please don’t miss Ilianor’s concert, because we know you will love her hauntingly beautiful and uplifting music.

Location: Sendalonde Theatre on Elf Clan on InWorldz grid

photo of Ilianor Illios at harp

Harpist Illianor Illios – Angel of Light