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2000 izzies award for logo for Theatre on InWorldz


LOGO Contest for “The Sendalonde Players” group
The Sendalonde Players group is the group of people involved with or interested in the Sendalonde Theatre
Closes: 18 August 2014
Award: 2000 izzies

The Sendalonde Players group needs a logo for their group and for branding on posters for the Sendalonde Theatre.

Every InWorldz resident is welcome to join in this contest. The designer of the winning LOGO will receive 2000iz.

1. Content entries must be received by 18 August 2014.

2. The logo should have the words “The Sendalonde Players” or “Sendalonde Players” worked into it.

3. Entries must be sent as a Full Perm image to Alexina Proctor in InWorldz. All entries EXCEPT the winning LOGO entry will be deleted from my account after selection. Each contestant retains full copyright to their creations. See below for copyright on winning LOGO. I need FP in order to resize and put them out on a display board for the board of directors to see for voting.

4. The winner of the LOGO contest must give The Sendalonde Players administration and staff AND The Community Library Board of Directors full rights to remix and tweak the logo for display purposes. You must waive attribution. Your creation will not be resold or distributed beyond displaying it both inworld and on various websites for promotions.

Sendalonde Theatre and The Sendalonde Players is managed by Ladyheart Muirin. It is an extension of the Community Library on Sendalonde. The Community Library Board of Directors and Ladyheart Muirin will vote to select the winning entry. The winner will be announced by late August.

IZURL for entrance to Sendalonde Theatre inside the Community Library:

We are eagerly awaiting your entry. 

Sendalonde Theatre Administrator & Producer: Ladyheart Muirin
Community Library Board of Directors: Alexina Proctor, Prax Maryjasz, Moontan Valeeva, Jillian2000 Quintessa, Leanna Caerndow