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Actor update for Sendalonde Theatre July 26th


Ladyheart Muirin announced the final list of actors in the upcoming July 26, 2014 performances at the Sendalonde Theatre on the InWorldz virtual world grid. The plays start at 3:00pm IWT/PDT/SLT.

Dress Rehearsal Cast (in order of appearance)

MRS SUNBEAM – Rosslyn Guardian
MRS PERCIVAL – Rhiannon McKenna
BUTLER – Tadhg Muirin
PROPS – Winter Wildcat
DUCHESS – Mathilde Vhargon
WALTER – Lion Ewry
MR GREENERY – Ladyheart Muirin
SOLDIER – Tadhg Muirin
COLONEL – Gerrard Winstanley
The Colonel Takes A Bath (in order of appearance)

COLONEL – Gerrard Winstanley
MISS MINCE – Mathilde Vargon
BESSIE – Winter Wildcat
LANDLADY – Rhiannon McKenna
FATHER – Lion Ewry
ARTHUR – Tadhg MuirinALT

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