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Come see play in voice at Sendalonde Theatre 10 May

poster for play Two Slatterns and a King

Two Slatterns and a King poster

The first play by the Sendalonde Players opens at 3:00pm IWT/PDT at the Sendalonde Theatre in Elf Clan on the InWorldz grid.

Date / Time: 10 May 2014, 3:00pm IWT/PDT
Name of Play: Two Slatterns and a King: A Moral Interlude by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Producer: Ladyheart Muirin
King – Gerrard Winstanley
Chance – Tadhg Muirin
Tidy – Rosslyn Guardian
Slut – Ladyheart Muirin
Location: Sendalonde Theatre at the Sendalonde Community Library – InWorldz Grid

Ladyheart writes, “This inaugural performance is a one-act play with a very amusing plot, and the costumes and lighting effects make it even more fun to watch, especially when you can hear the expression in the voices of the actors, and enjoy the hilarious dialogue.”

There will be many more plays in the coming year. If you missed your chance to be in this play, ask Ladyheart Muirin about joining the Sendalonde Players so that you get the call for actors.

The grand opening of the Sendalonde Theatre was 13 April 2014. It was a great success though there were some glitches that day. Performances by Ilianor Ilios (Harp), Special Magic (Reading), ChrisThomas Underwood (Piano). One performer was unable to access the Internet. During her performance slot Cataplexia Numbers brought in her music stream and the theatre attendees danced. There is a dance machine behind the theatre seating.  Below is a slideshow of a small selection of photos, most by Alexina Proctor and the two of Ilianor Ilios by Cataplexia Numbers. Ladyheart Muirin is the producer.