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Sendalonde Theatre Opens 13 April 2014 on InWorldz


Everyone on InWorldz is invited to attend a very special Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Theatre
Date: April 13th beginning with cocktails at 1:30pm IWT.
Time: 1:30pm – 6:00pm IWT / PDT
Performers: Ilianor Illios (Harp), Prowess Rayna (Piano), Special Magic (Reading), ChrisThomas Underwood (Piano)

Join us for an hour or the whole four and a half hours to listen to some well-known and very popular artists in InWorldz and other virtual worlds.

Ladyheart Muirin, Administrator and Producer, sent the following notice:

sendalonde theatre seating and stage

Sendalonde Theatre showing ground audience seating.

Grand Opening of Sendalonde Theatre starting at 1.30pm IWT on April 13th.
You are invited to attend the Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Theatre in Elf Clan on Sunday 13th April, times as follows:
1.30pm – 2pm Cocktail Reception and Opening
2pm – 3pm Ilianor Illios (Harp)
3pm – 4pm Prowess Rayna (Piano)
4pm – 5pm Bard Special Magic (Reading)
5pm – 6pm ChrisThomas Underwood (Piano)
Dress: Semi-formal

Sendalonde Theatre 9 April 2014 Snapshots

The Community Library Board of Directors are very excited about this new cultural venue attached to the rear of the Sendalonde Library.


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