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Video of Sendalonde Library Grand Opening Posted


Below is a video of the Sendalonde Community Library Grand Opening on January 11, 2014.  See posting about the event at Amvans Lapiz, a member of the Community Library Board of Directors, captured some of the fun, happiness and dancing in the following video.

The opening shot shows the left side of the library with a peaceful natural environment landscaped by Moontan Valeeva and a bridge designed by Julia Hathor spanning Tolmire and Sendalonde regions. The man with no shirt on is the architect and builder Strand Starsider. The fabulous dance build inside the Exhibit Hall was created by DJ Cataplexia Numbers. Prax Maryjasz (in white), Tadgh Muirin (blue vest), Moontan Valeeva (dark blue dress) and Strand Starsider waited at the entrance –near the reference desk– to greet attendees. Amvanz Lapiz is the woman in front of the Wings Festival sign.

Snoots Dwagon sat on the chocolate cake and Henning Lionheart (wolf) cleaned the plates. Little was left for the rest of the guests and who wants to eat a cake that a dwagon sat on?