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Sendalonde Library a smashing success


The Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Community Library & Art Plaza on InWorldz was a smashing success! At noon InWorldz time on Saturday, January 11, 2014, the Sendalonde Community Library opened with DJ Cataplexia Numbers presiding. The number of visitors surpassed our expectations. The sets Cat played kept the region at a steady 40+ dancing avatars. Cataplexia created the fantasy dance venue build. [Cataplexia was voted Favorite DJ in the InWorldz Choice Awards 2013.]

Captured Twilight Elven Lily gifted to attendees of the Grand Opening by Julia Hathor

Captured Elven Twilight Lily gifted to attendees of the Grand Opening by Julia Hathor

Guests who attended the grand opening dance received a beautiful garden sculpture named “Captured Elven Twilight Lilly” gifted to the library grand opening by Julia Hathor. The Elven Lily is one of her creations that can be seen on many regions in 50+ sims Elf Clan. Julia is the owner and creator of beautiful landscaping and homes for sale at the multi-sim Creative Fantasy. [Julia was voted Favorite Garden & Landscape in the InWorldz Choice Awards 2013.]

We had 89 unique avatars visit the library on opening day. Visitors to the library were generous with their donations. Prax and I pay for Sendalonde out of personal funds, so the donations are greatly appreciated. Anyone who contributed 500 izzies or more has been added to the Friends of the Library wall board on the first floor lounge. This board was started in February 2012 at our first community Library on Delphi.

Cookie Hunt Trophy created for Sendalonde Community LIbrary grand opening Cookie Jar Hunt.

Cookie Hunt Trophy created for Sendalonde Community LIbrary grand opening Cookie Jar Hunt.

Most Tinies love cookies, so there was a special cookie jar hunt with a cookie jar trophy to the top three who came closest to finding all 19 cookie jars. Snoots Dwagon was the grand winner with 18 cookie jars. The trophy, created by Prax Maryjasz, distributes cookies.

A couple of snapshots were taken by Jim Tarber and posted in the InWorldz forum:

Many people didn’t want to stop dancing, so after over two hours, Cat had to leave, but left her stream turned on for us.  After most people left, the Tinies led by Snoots Dwagon did their Riverdance — a tradition among Tinies.

To visit the library on Sendalonde in Elf Clan, use the following URL:

The Sendalonde Art Plaza

sendalonde_artplaza2014jan19_sign This was also the opening of the Sendalonde Art Plaza which is a collection of art collected by Alexina Proctor and Prax Maryjasz from InWorldz artists. We wanted others to see the lovely pieces and asked Quadrapop Tree to build us a venue to display the 2D and 3D art. To visit this wonderful venue 586 meters above the Sendalonde Library, use the following URL:

Sendalonde Theater and Ladyheart Muirin

Snoots Dwagon, a dwagon of many talents, was checking out all the hidden spaces at the library and said there was enough room to build an amphitheater attached to the back of the library building. Prax and I said it was fine for him to build it. He started several days ago and it is nearly complete — just tweaking some stuff now. Thus was born The Sendalonde Theater.

Ladyheart Muirin - Sendalonde Theater Administrator & Producer

Ladyheart Muirin – Sendalonde Theater Administrator & Producer

Snoots invited Ladyheart Muirin, Tadhg Muirin and others others to visit The Sendalonde Theater. Later, Prax and I received an IM from Mrs. Muirin expressing interest in volunteering to help at the Theater. We excitedly wrote back that we would love her assistance, and in fact, would she like to be in charge? Prax and I do not know how to run a theater and are also quite consumed in doing other work at the library.

We are delighted to announce that Ladyheart Muirin now has two roles at the Sendalonde Library — Theater Administrator and Producer. We are looking forward to the entertainment she will bring to the theater. Ladyheart has put out a call for those interested in performing at the theater. The Sendalonde Players is a new group managed by Ladyheart Muirin. Here is her announcement:

I have taken on the role of administrator/producer at the Sendalonde Library Theatre, and I am currently looking for talented people who are interested in joining the “Sendalonde Players” and taking part in performances at that theatre. If you can sing or play a musical instrument; enjoy giving readings of stories or poetry; would like to be in the cast of one or two act plays; or have any other ability that will showcase the arts and entertain the public, then please IM me.

The Sendalonde Theater is located behind the first floor lounge at the Sendalonde Community Library:

Walk of Fame

We have created a Walk of Fame on the first floor of the library. These are residents who have contributed significant time and assistance to the library since the opening of our first library on Delphi opened on February 25, 2012. The people on the Walk of Fame in no specific order are Cataplexia Numbers, Mike Chase, Quadrapop Tree, Tiana Genesis, Tadhg Muirin, Wolf Hartnell, Strand Starsider, Snoots Dwagon, Dawn Greymyst, Moontan Valeeva and Emily Seda.

Community Library Board of Directors

In December 2013, we hired Midnightrain Glas to take a studio portrait of our current board of directors.  [Midnight was voted Favorite Photographer in the InWorldz Choice Awards 2013.] Below are the portraits.