Metaverse Library

Grand Opening of new library on Sendalonde in Elf Clan


                   The Board of Directors of the Community Library @ Sendalonde
Cordially invites you to the
Grand Opening of the Sendalonde Library
A Special Venue featuring a collection of InWorldz Artists

The Grand Opening Dance DJ Cataplexia Numbers presiding 11 January 2014 12- 2 PM IWT

image of poster for library grand opening

Poster for Grand Opening of the Community Library on Sendalonde

Board of Directors Alexina Proctor, Prax Maryjasz, Jillian2000 Quintessa Moontan Valeeva, Leanna Caerndow, Amvans Lapiz

Strand Starsider is the architect and builder of the large Gothic / fantasy building that is nearly 3000 prims and covers half of the Sendalonde region. Strand is the owner and creator of Mermaids and Mermaids II. His Rivendell build is on the Mermaids region. The magnificent build of the Sendalonde Library is the gift to the library by our talented Strand, a special and valued consultant to the Community Library.

Quadrapop Tree designed, built and curated the art venue, which houses select art purchased or gifted to Prax Maryjasz and Alexina Proctor. Quadrapop is the owner of the Quadrapop Tree Gallery on Dolphin Bay. A gifted artist, Quad is a long time resident of InWorldz and library supporter.  The Sendalonde Art Plaza includes museums, open air galleries and sculpture gardens all designed by Quad, who continues to make sure we don’t mess it up, by placing each piece of art in this extensive collection.

DJ Cataplexia Numbers, who has been voted number one DJ in a nameless but overlarge grid has happily made her home in InWorldz for years and is first in the hearts of her IW family.  A great and early supporter of not only the Community Library but of a host of IW events, Cat brings her superlative musical knowledge and bonhomie to hosting the grand opening dance. With her partner, Mike Chase, she owns Alternate Metaverse. Cat has donated the dance venue and her services to the library.

Moontan Valeeva, a director of the board of the Community Library and Elf Clan Eldar, has graced the grounds of the Sendalonde Library with the magic of her landscape artistry, creating oases of beauty throughout.  Leanna Caerndow, also a director, has created the artful ambience of the open air cafe and her beautiful furniture there and also in the first level lounge in the central portion of the library lend warmth and color to these venues.  Jillian2000 Quintessa continues as senior director by encouraging us all and keeping up to date her many contributions to the library.  Amvan Lapiz, director, brings her RL librarianship to the making and classifying of the books. By the way, we are especially gratified that our current board of directors has an international flavor, representing countries from both sides of the pond.

Snoots Dwagon, that beloved and talented tiny twickster (and past director) has created a reading room for tinies beneath the stairs SOMEWHERE in the library. Watch for signs.

This is beginning to sound suspiciously like an extravaganza and it might just be.  It is also the result of the joint effort of the community in support of this, the latest addition to the Community Library. We are proud, grateful and gobsmacked. Of course, Alexina Proctor, co-owner of the library along with Prax Maryjasz, continues to do the heavy lifting and Prax attempts to make library furniture that does not detract from the real stars, the books.