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Community Library Update December 15, 2013


Volunteers at the Community Library on Sendalonde in Elf Clan are gearing up for a Grand Opening at noon PST/IWT on January 11, 2014.  At the same time, the art collections of Prax Maryjasz and Alexina Proctor, who have been purchasing art from artists in InWorldz, will be opened. There is a TP sign at the landing point for the Sendalonde Community Library that will take you to the art venue created and curated by Quadrapop Tree.

view from library cafe

View from the Library Cafe on Sendalonde

  • Library board member Leanna Caerndow has finished the library garden cafe. It is a beautiful place to relax and read or chat with friends. Filled with flowers and overlooking the lighthouse in the sailable water of ElfWater2, it has seating for both biggies and tinies.
  • Library board member Moontan Valeeva is still working on the landscaping around the library. It is already breathtaking.

    landscape & bridge

    Sendalonde – Landscape design by Moontan Valeeva & bridge by Julia Hathor

  • Library board member Amvans Lapiz is organizing and placing the books and other information objects.
  • Co-founder library executive Prax Maryjasz is creating new information boards to go with the gothic / fantasy theme of the new library. She created the uniquely beautiful fireplaces that are on three floors and the bookcases. She is in charge of placing the furnishings and wall hangings in addition to her many library management tasks.
  • Library special projects consultant Ferrator Montoya created a monitor in theme that we will use to connect to the Internet. Things we put in the monitors are links to different book genres, Google search, books on Amazon, etc. He also donated the Phoenix statue — he is an artist — that you see at the landing point.
  • Co-founder library executive Alexina Proctor is helping where needed and bringing in the objects that need to be collected from the Community Library on Delphi (not Elf Clan).

Other Community Library Updates

The external exhibits for the Sci-Fi Exhibit on Delphi have been removed. Jillian2000 Quintessa and Alizarin Goldflake had real life conflicts that prevented them from giving a tour of the Sci-Fi exhibit.

Please watch this blog for additional details.