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Koni Lanzius video of Sci Fi Exhibit May 2013


Machinimatographer Koni Lanzius created and donated a machinima of the Sci Fi Exhibit for the Community Library in InWorldz. She captures the grand opening dance on May 4, 2013, where attendees got into the spirit of the event and dressed in their sci-fi best!

Koni takes us on a tour of many of the builds including a drive with Snoots Dwagon in his MULE-5. You too can drive the MULE-5 if you visit the exhibit area.

Thank you to Koni for all the time you spent making this wonderful machinima for everyone to enjoy.

If you missed the opening, stop by anytime through August to see the amazing builds by 15 InWorldz builders, and over 50 Sci Fi books, posters and information terminals put together by Amvans Lapiz and Le Krish (avi names) under the direction of Alexina Proctor.  Amvans and Le are graduate students pursuing a Masters of Library & Information Science at San Jose State University School of Library & Information Science in the Silicone Valley area of California.

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