Sep 04

Ladyheart and Leanna added to Walk of Fame


It is with great pleasure that Prax Maryjasz and I warmly applaud Ladyheart Muirin and Leanna Caerndow for their dedication and hard work on behalf of the Community Library on Sendalonde in Elf Clan on the InWorldz virtual world grid.

photo of plaque for Ladyheart

Ladyheart Muirin Walk of Fame plaque

photo of plaque for Ladyheart

Leanna Caerndow Walk of Fame plaque.

The plaques are on the first floor of the library near the entrance. This brings the count to thirteen people who have made considerable contributions of time, ideas, and material to help grow the library in InWorldz.

Ladyheart Muirin - Sendalonde Theater Administrator & Producer

Ladyheart Muirin – Sendalonde Theater Administrator & Producer

Ladyheart Muirin took on the task Ladyheart of Administrator and Director at the Sendalonde Theatre. She also manages The Sendalonde Players group. After the grand opening on 11 January 2014, she has had three well-attended events at the theatre. The Sendalonde Players are starting rehearsals next week for the next stage production.



Leanna Caerndow

Leanna Caerndow – Library Board of Directors & founder of The Reading Circle

Leanna Caerndow is a member of the Community Library Board of Directors. She gave us the first donation to the library in 2012 when the library was located on Delphi. She has since made many more donations to the library of furniture that she created. Leanna took on the task of starting and leading The Reading Circle, a book discussion group that meets in the Library Cafe which was designed by Leanna.


The Sendalonde Players

We want to thank everyone who submitted a design. The votes for the logo / branding image have been counted. We have selected a design by Bim Rasmuson, a leader in teaching role-playing in InWorldz. Here is the design:

logo for The Sendalonde Players

Logo for The Sendalonde Players

Aug 20

REVISED: Logo contest for InWorldz residents extended to 31 August

REVISION for Logo contest.  A couple of people have pointed out that the words “Sendalonde Players” are too many characters for a logo that contains the name of the group. Furthermore, it would be very difficult to come up with a clean design that is identifiable in both that little square in the group profile (64x64px?) and useable in a larger size (up to about 1024px wide) for branding on an event poster. After a discussion with Prax Maryjasz, I realize that I didn’t think this through enough. 

***Create a symbol or design that identifies the Sendalonde Players. It should not look like something already used as a logo. You can do a search for “logo” in images on the Internet to get the idea about what logos look like. Sendalonde Players is a lot of characters, so probably won’t work like the logos for Ebay, Google and Coca-cola.

If the design chosen is beyond anything expected, I may increase the prize by 1000iz.

LOGO Contest for “The Sendalonde Players” group in InWorldz
The Sendalonde Players group is the group of people involved with or interested in the Sendalonde Theatre and they need a logo for their group.
Closes: 31 August 2014
Award: 2000 izzies

Every InWorldz resident is welcome to join in this contest. The designer of the winning LOGO will receive 2000iz.

1. Content entries must be received by 31 August 2014.

2. The logo should have the words “The Sendalonde Players” or “Sendalonde Players” worked into it.

3. Entries must be sent as a MOD/COPY image to Alexina Proctor in InWorldz. Each competing contestant retains full copyright to their creation, and all entries except the winning LOGO entry will be deleted from my account after selection. . See below for copyright on winning LOGO. I need MOD in order to resize and put them out on a display board for the board of directors to view for voting.

4. The winner of the LOGO contest must give The Sendalonde Players administration and staff AND The Community Library Board of Directors full rights to remix and tweak the logo for display purposes. You must waive attribution, though we will mention you in our about page on this website. Your creation will not be resold or distributed beyond displaying it both inworld and on various websites to promote activities by The Sendalonde Players.

Sendalonde Theatre and The Sendalonde Players is managed by Ladyheart Muirin. It is an extension of the Community Library on Sendalonde. The Community Library Board of Directors and Ladyheart Muirin will vote to select the winning entry. The winner will be announced by the second week of September.

IZURL for entrance to Sendalonde Theatre inside the Community Library:

We are eagerly awaiting your entry. 

Sendalonde Theatre Administrator & Producer: Ladyheart Muirin
Community Library Board of Directors: Alexina Proctor, Prax Maryjasz, Moontan Valeeva, Jillian2000 Quintessa, Leanna Caerndow