Sep 19

Caledonia will read her essays and stories at Library Cafe in InWorldz


Caledonia Skytower will share some of her original essays and stories at the Community Library in the Library Cafe on Sendalonde in InWorldz.

Date: October 4, 2014, noon IWT (lasts about one hour)
Note: In VOICE, so come early to make sure you can hear

Caledonia at Library Cafe at the Sendalonde Community Library

Caledonia at Library Cafe at the Sendalonde Community Library

Caledonia Skytower comes to us from across the metaverse. She is one of the lead staff of the Seanchai Library located in Second Life and Kitely. [Seanchai is Irish for Storyteller.] She writes that she has “logged hundreds upon hundreds of hours over the past six years presenting literature to audiences in virtual worlds.”

In March 2013 she began self-publishing her own short stories as Judith Cullen. She writes that she “sees both fiction and essays as a journey in which she explores the oddments of our lives, and the power of belief.”

Seating is available for biggies, tinies and Dinkies.

Amazon link for Judith Cullen:
Judith Cullen blog:

Seanchai Library home page:

Sep 04

Ladyheart and Leanna added to Walk of Fame

It is with great pleasure that Prax Maryjasz and I warmly applaud Ladyheart Muirin and Leanna Caerndow for their dedication and hard work on behalf of the Community Library on Sendalonde in Elf Clan on the InWorldz virtual world grid.

photo of plaque for Ladyheart

Ladyheart Muirin Walk of Fame plaque

photo of plaque for Ladyheart

Leanna Caerndow Walk of Fame plaque.

The plaques are on the first floor of the library near the entrance. This brings the count to thirteen people who have made considerable contributions of time, ideas, and material to help grow the library in InWorldz.

Ladyheart Muirin - Sendalonde Theater Administrator & Producer

Ladyheart Muirin – Sendalonde Theater Administrator & Producer

Ladyheart Muirin took on the task Ladyheart of Administrator and Director at the Sendalonde Theatre. She also manages The Sendalonde Players group. After the grand opening on 11 January 2014, she has had three well-attended events at the theatre. The Sendalonde Players are starting rehearsals next week for the next stage production.



Leanna Caerndow

Leanna Caerndow – Library Board of Directors & founder of The Reading Circle

Leanna Caerndow is a member of the Community Library Board of Directors. She gave us the first donation to the library in 2012 when the library was located on Delphi. She has since made many more donations to the library of furniture that she created. Leanna took on the task of starting and leading The Reading Circle, a book discussion group that meets in the Library Cafe which was designed by Leanna.


The Sendalonde Players

We want to thank everyone who submitted a design. The votes for the logo / branding image have been counted. We have selected a design by Bim Rasmuson, a leader in teaching role-playing in InWorldz. Here is the design:

logo for The Sendalonde Players

Logo for The Sendalonde Players